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How to Support BAME Employees: Some Useful Resources

Posted by Gapsquare on 04-Jun-2020 14:42:50

Now is a time to learn. We understand our responsibility to try to build a world which is fair and safe for everyone to live in.

Though, rightly, it is not the focal point of the conversation at the moment, we believe that supporting BAME employees and nurturing inclusive workplaces is paramount to sustainable equity and change. Rethinking structures and promoting diversity at work is one way to take action.

We've gathered some useful resources about how to support BAME employees, how to be an ally, and the actions to take to build a fairer world of work. 

We believe that economic parity is important, too. If you have any questions about paying People of Colour in your organisation fairly, or using ethnicity pay gaps as a metric for workplace equality, then please get in touch below.

We hope that these resources help in a small way, and we pledge to continue supporting companies to be fair and ethical employers, well into the future.

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  • Race in the Workplace: The McGregor-Smith Review
    This comprehensive study looks at stats from the UK, ways in which to measure change, and recommendations to improve culture and workplace processes. It also includes useful case studies from organisations with effective diversity and inclusion strategies and schemes.
    If you can only look at one resource, we recommend this one.
  •  Racial Diversity: There's More work to be Done in the Workplace, The Economist
    This article covers common barriers to workplace ethnic diversity, including employee referrals, unconscious bias and issues with company culture. 
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Thought Leaders from Across the Globe on Rethinking Employment in Crisis

Posted by Gabi Spiro on 16-Apr-2020 10:51:39

Though right now, almost all international travel has come to a halt, we still have a lot to learn from our friends and partners overseas. We have the opportunity to expand our knowledge and look at how others are leading in a time of crisis. 

We're speaking with employment law experts from across the globe to help employers understand the latest developments in the Covid Crisis. As well as sharing their insights and their country's unique perspective, these thought leaders answer the questions you submit and recommend the best next steps to mitigate damage and plan for change. 

Gapsquare's team of diversity & inclusion and HR experts speak with lawyers from India, America and France, in the clear and helpful videos you can find below.

India - 16th April

How are employers in India reacting in an agile way to the coronavirus? Today Gapsquare VP Partnerships & Growth Sian Webb speaks with employment lawyer at BTG Legal, Anvitaa Pattani. They cover:

  • What does lockdown look like for India?
  • Safety measures and ensuring employees' immediate wellness
  • Were employers prepared?
  • Supply chain management and workforce changes


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Covid 19: The Best Resources for HR & Workforce Management

Posted by Gabi Spiro on 27-Mar-2020 13:08:40

Note: This article was updated on 27 March 2020. Because the COVID-19 situation is dynamic, with new governmental measures each day, employers should have a look at the latest developments on the UK Gov’s website or get in touch with us to make the most informed decisions, though we will do our best to update this list frequently.

It's an unusual time to be alive, no doubt. But we at Gapsquare are finding a renewed sense of connectivity, community, and solidarity in our working lives - there's a sense that together, we can push through this, learn from one another and inspire positive change. We're also seeing lots of fantastic organisations and individuals taking proactive steps to mitigate workforce and financial damage, and even more great resources with advice and tips to help businesses succeed in this bewildering time.

So we're joining in. We've compiled our favourite resources, covering everything from planning for workforce changes, to financial implications, to how to be a strong and successful leader - take note!

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How to Manage your Workforce in Corona Crisis - What the Experts Advise

Posted by Zara Nanu on 23-Mar-2020 15:58:12

At Gapsquare, we have always been committed to helping businesses create fairness and inclusion at work. Now, this is more important than ever.

This morning we hosted an incredible panel (video to follow shortly) which brought together experts in employment law, finance, and internal communications to answer difficult questions about managing people and workplaces in times of crisis.

Julian Hemming, a partner as Osborne Clarke, used his 30 years of experience to talk about cutting overheads, furlough and legally managing workforce changes. Emma Dawson of Stitch, a Deloitte Business, shared her expertise about how to keep communications going between employees, and Iain Lownes of Smith & Williamson talked us through cash projections for the next 6 months.

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Equal Pay: How To Do Right By Your Employees - An Interview with Carrie Gracie

Posted by Hazel Lush on 06-Mar-2020 15:10:15



"You probably say you believe in equal pay. But are you willing to inconvenience yourself for it?" Carrie Gracie - Equal: A Story of Women, Men & Money - (2019 - P.24)

Equal pay in practice can be messy and complex, but we don’t believe it has to be. Communication continues to serve as the saving grace for employers and yet, we continue to see cases of employers avoiding, rather than embracing equal pay. It's time for that to change.

There's no greater way to learn how to deal with pay equality claims confidently, than from examples of erroneous practice. When it comes to equal pay, there's no clearer example of the issue being handled clumsily, than the BBC's recent journey with the award winning  journalist and previous China Editor, Carrie Gracie.

Carrie was thrown into an equal pay battle by the revelations of top salaries at the media company in 2017. This transparency brought into light the fact that, despite specifically requesting equal pay upon her appointment for the China Editor role, her pay was more than £65,000 (at least) short of Jon Sopel's who held the equivalent role for North America .

"If this had been about my case alone, I would certainly have drawn a line under it... But I knew this pay system was costing life-changing amounts of money to women who were less privileged and more vulnerable.' (Equal, 2019. P.213-214)

So what can we learn from Carrie's battle and the BBC's response that will make you a better employer? Below we share some thoughts directly from Carrie herself, and from her book which should sit, overflowing as it is with tenacity and drive for better workplaces, on each of your shelves at work: Equal: A Story of Women, Men & Money.

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