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Posted by Hazel Lush on 24-Aug-2018 16:46:09


Welcome to the first #FridayThoughts blog from Gapsquare - which is based on our weekly newsletter.

The Gapsquare team like to keep up-to-date around the equality and diversity challenges facing companies and the discussions that result have inspired us to keep working to support change in the world of work. In our #FridayThoughts newsletter, we share the most debated articles from the Gapsquare office - Open to conversation and insights from you.

This week we have an award-winning campaigner and recruiter shares 
5 Key Strategies for Closing the #PayGap & Building Truly Inclusive Workplaces, there's talk of the end of the 9-5 working day and some rather shocking statistics around the salaries of CEOs in the USA.


3 Minute Read:

5 Key Strategies for Closing the #PayGap & Building Truly Inclusive Workplaces

Joanna_Abeyie-26 landscape

One of the first things that Joanna Abeyie, an award-winning equality and diversity expert said to us when we first spoke about our #ProgressMatters campaign was that, as a rule, everyone wants their workplace to be inclusive.

So why aren't we're seeing this in practice? Joanna shares some unique advice around closing the pay gap and building inclusive workplaces, which you can learn in her article. Our personal favourites are:

  • Why we should value a candidate's journey, as well as their achievements
  • Why it's important to know the USP of our team members
  • How an outsider could be key to building an inclusive workplace

We hope you enjoy this piece as much as we do. And remember, when you know better, do better. 


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USA bosses now earn 312 times the average worker's wage, figures show


 Here's a good 'Did You Know' fact: CEOs in the USA are, on average, earning an incomprehensible amount more than the average worker: "in 1965 the ratio of CEO to worker pay was 20 to one... in 2000 CEOs earned 344 times the wage of their average worker". 
Apparently the earnings of CEOs at some companies are dragging general CEO earnings up, rising faster than the average wage in the USA as well as stock prices and corporate profits. Here at Gapsquare, we wonder what this says about the gender pay and ethnicity pay gaps in companies, because, let's be honest, a lot of these CEOS are men. It's definitely not a pretty picture.  

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