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How to complete an equal pay audit - Gapsquare & Osborne Clarke

Posted by Hazel Lush on 19-Jul-2018 13:28:23

Osborne Clarke, an International legal practice, with offices situated around Europe, Asia and the USA and Gapsquare, leading provider of pay disparity and pay transparency analysis tackle key issues around completing equal pay audits.


What is equal pay? 

In the UK, employers must give both men and women equal treatment in their employment terms and conditions if they do:

  • ‘like work’ – work that is the same or mostly similar
  • work seen as equivalent under a job evaluation exercise
  • work deemed to be of equal value in terms of effort, skill or decision making.

Employees are able to compare the terms within their employment contract with the same terms in a colleague’s contract, if, their colleague is an employee of the opposite sex and doing work of equal value. However, an employer is able to defend a claim if they show the reason for the difference in pay is not based on the sex of the employee.

How Can Gapsquare Help? 

Gapsquare’s unique software allows you to instantly analyse, track and produce shareable reports around your pay data, leaving you to focus on what is important – dealing with any issues that may arise.

We process your HR and Payroll numbers and give you in-depth knowledge around your pay disparities, helping you to both comply with, and go beyond government regulations. The Gapsquare tool produces crucial recommendations, that are already supporting our clients, working with hundreds of thousands of employees, to lead on equality and diversity in their industry. Try it now. 


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