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How your Law Firm can lead on Fair Pay in the workplace

Posted by Zara Nanu on 16-Sep-2019 16:52:52



Research shows that legal client's wider international workforce, customers, investors and stakeholders are highly engaged in the diversity, inclusion and pay equity agenda as ever growing legislation is enacted around the globe.

Law firms are increasingly needing to provide an all-encompassing, all-services offering to compete in the legal sector.

“Working with Gapsquare has enabled many of our clients to see at a glance where any gender pay gaps exist and to analyse the factors behind the statistics. With the insights gathered from these analytics, they can now take positive steps to address any issues ahead of the gender pay snap-shot date, and well before the deadline for publishing their data”.

Victoria Parry, Partner, Osborne Clarke LLP

Gapsquare is working in partnership with global law firms, supporting progress around fair and inclusive pay and allowing firms to offer considerable additional value to their clients. 

Partnering with Gapsquare provides your clients with insights on key risk areas for their business and a bespoke strategy with recommendations to tackle these - all with legal privilege. Our Partners are driving forward their clients' rewards, benefits and wider compensation structures whilst making them aware of potential emerging legal issues.

Achieve Fair Pay in your Firm

Become recognised for minimising expensive and time-consuming legal claims to protect your clients' wider employer brand as an official Gapsquare partner. 

 “It was clear to us that many employers would need advice and support at an early stage on the new gender pay gap reporting regime.  And we felt it was crucial that this advice covered not only the mechanics of the reporting exercise itself but the wider ramifications for the business… To that end, we built contacts with relevant stakeholders such as the Government Equalities Office, Gapsquare and Deloitte… “.

Amanda Steadman, Professional Support Lawyer, Addleshaw Goddard 

Get in touch to discuss a partnership programme  

Your action is crucial to closing the gender pay gap. Through your guidance, and with support from us, the whole process can be streamlined and simplified for the companies you work with. Due to the unique position of legal practices, we are offering discounted comprehensive packages to yourself and to clients who access your legal support.

The Gapsquare law-firm package includes:

  1.  An initial evaluative online session
  2. Verification of your gender / ethnicity pay calculations or key insights on your choice of data
  3. A report on areas for progress
  4. A comprehensive (online or on-site) session with a Gapsquare team member to plan impactful next steps


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In collaboration with your practice, we can work to develop a package in gender pay analysis and legal support, putting you ahead of the game in guiding clients. A client may wish to analyse their data under legal privilege, but not know where to start with gender pay analysis itself. The Gapsquare package is a great way of ending pay disparties in a business quickly and effectively, whilst your firm works to provide necessary legal advice.

At Gapsquare we are driven by, and passionate about, change. We are working towards a world without a gender pay gap. Join our clients in working with Gapsquare, and be the driving force behind ending the gender pay gap.

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