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My job? I'm a time traveller (obviously)

Posted by Sian Webb on 05-Feb-2018 16:32:44

The Gender Pay Gap:  My inspiration to close it and why Gapsquare is the company to get it done

Tomorrow, I’m spending my lunch break in my office with thirty 11-year olds. Not because we are diversifying our employment practices, but because they want to ask me an important question – What is it like working for Gapsquare? 

I’ve given it some thought, it’s a big question, but it sends me back to 2016 when my niece was born – suddenly, there was this innocent baby girl who had been born into a world where she will, statistically, earn less than if she had been born a boy. I knew that, for me with my work history so far in tackling inequality and driving forward change to pave a better world for all, my motivation had taken a tangible, gurgling human form.

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 Gapsquare is working to close the gender pay gap, not just to support the forward-thinking companies that ask for our support in analysing and understanding their gap but because we believe in a world of work where it doesn’t matter if our small-people are born boys or girls - their future is equally bright.


Our UK-based, bootstrapped tech-enterprise is a start up driven by very personal ideals, we talk to companies everyday that are driven to get to grips with a problem that they may not have even realized they had 5 years ago. We believe in a better future for all of us perhaps despite the odds – at the end of last year, The World Economic Forum shifted the predicted closing date for the pay gap to 217 years from now, adding another century to their original target. 


Companies I work with tell me every day that what they admire about Gapsquare is that we are more than just a company that helps them comply with the gender pay gap reporting deadline, our whole team’s mission is to challenge the way we think about equality and diversity, with a goal of reducing their gender pay gap – by putting in tangible and measurable action.


Just yesterday, our CEO, the invincible Zara Nanu, was featured in the Sunday Times recently sharing some shocking ‘advice’ she has encountered on our mission to develop and expand Gapsquare, but the battle doesn’t stop there.


We are not averse to resistance from those who feel like our solution hides an ulterior motive, but I am proud that we are an amazing team of individuals who sit down every morning with the hope that one day, essentially our solution won’t be needed because the gender pay gap ceases to exist. I would love to be able to explain to my niece that what I once did for a living is a thing of the past. And that’s just one reason I come into work each day.


My niece will turn eighteen in 2034, and will be most likely entering the world of work. I want to feel proud of her doing so without wondering if she’ll have fight for the opportunities she deserves as an optimistic and (no doubt) highly intelligent young woman.


So, when my office fills with Year 6 students tomorrow looking at me inquisitively and asking why I like working for Gapsquare, I’ll tell them that I get to spend every day working on something that will make their futures as exciting ten years from now as ours seem to them today.


I’ll also tell them that the Gapsquare team are time travelers, skipping 200 years of inequality to make sure that my niece, and all of our children, can have a better future.


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