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A Conversation with Gapsquare - Oracle Podcast: On Bridging The Gap

Posted by Danting Fang on 11-Feb-2019 14:42:54

In the latest episode of OracleNext podcast, Zara Nanu, CEO and founder of Gapsquare, talks to the host about Gapsquare's use of cloud-based software to narrow the gender pay gap, build equality and diversity into company practices and more. 

64d404e8323b86bbd7dc45f4c9c5_w480_h360_gi_photo_306856In the podcast Zara shares her background and experiences in how she learned to overcome stereotypes and establish Gapsquare with data science and intuitive tech.

Zara also discuss the benefits of joining Oracle’s startup programme, how Oracle both understands founders and customers and how this has helped Gapsquare have impact on diversity practices globally.


She also shares how companies are beginning to realize the importance of diversity and inclusion which lead to loyalty, top talent recruitment, and retention of valued employees.  She points out that apart from the ethical reasons for embracing diversity, companies with diverse workforces are more creative, effective and successful,  which making huge sense to business.

The OracleNext podcast features wide-ranging conversations about how companies are putting emerging technologies to work. Listen to the podcast here.

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About GapSquare:

Gapsquare embodies leadership in FairPay®, empowering companies to build diversity & pay transparency into their workplace policies through intelligent and intuitive tech. Starting with a mission to close the gender pay gap in the next 20 years, their analytical tools, backed by a team of equality and diversity experts, automate gender pay reporting 2019 and ethnicity pay gap reporting, allowing employers to look at the impact of pay reviews and saving hundreds of hours normally spent on analysis. The Gapsquare team envisions a world where the ability to create fair employment is in the hands of employers, allowing them to take the steps necessary to make work better for all.

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