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PRESS RELEASE: Innovative tech-equalities start-up offers a universal formula for partner pay reporting

Posted by Hazel Lush on 14-Nov-2018 10:04:12


Actions for Partner Pay Reporting are great, but how do you make the data comparable? Here’s how.

A pioneering tech-startup has published unique guidelines on partner pay in collaboration with ten of the country’s best specialists and law firms, offering firms the most practical partner pay guidelines yet.

In the wake of the Law Society’s recommendations on reporting partner pay an innovative voice has emerged to offer a fine-tuned set of guidelines on reporting partner pay, including the exact equations to use in your calculations: “Having worked a great deal within the legal sector to support the gender pay reporting process, we knew that an issue was emerging around creating unified framework around partner pay reporting. We put together a working group focused on the data aspect of reporting partner pay and bringing together the wisdom of 10 voices in the sector” – Sian Webb, VP at Gapsquare

The legal sector has been under the spotlight after the UK gender pay gap (Equality Act 2010) regulations failed to include some of the sector’s highest-paid members as part of the reporting obligations – their partners. A number of forward-thinking legal sector employers have taken the reigns and reported the pay gap anyway but work to share the gap has been disparate and difficult to compare. Following on from and building upon the recent Law Society’s guidance outlining key steps in reporting the Partner Pay Gap, Gapsquare, Clarke Wilmott and PepUp Consulting are three of around 10 voices heard in the development of this whitepaper, offering practical, data-specific steps designed to unify the UK legal sector.

Offering the freshness of a tech-innovation and the balancing the thoughts and experiences combining inside expertise and experience of representatives of Addleshaw Goddard LLP, Clifford Chance LLP, VWV LLP, Clarke Wilmott LLP, Taylor Wessing LLP, Ashfords LLP and Osborne Clarke LLP, PepUp Consulting and Chris Bull, Executive Director of Kingsmead Square Consultants joined Gapsquare in this working group developing a strategy that spans the sector and allowing progress to be measured and therefore, the real work of closing the legal sector gender pay gap to start.

The report covers key data-driven actions on the following:

  • Recommended metrics for partner pay reporting

  • How to combine and compare partner pay data with employee data

  • Best practice for building a narrative around the pay gap

‘We believe that what gets measured, gets done, but this doesn’t work if we’re not all measuring in a way that’s comparable. This is why Gapsquare has worked with these incredible partners to offer up a level playing field in partner pay reporting.’ Says Dr. Zara Nanu at Gapsquare. The whitepaper is expected to be the most practical resource for a UK wide partner pay approach yet, and the beginning of the end of gender pay imbalance in the sector.

Access the report here:

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About Gapsquare:

The World Economic Forum recently announced that it would take 217 years to close the gender pay gap – but for the team at Gapsquare, this was not good enough. By using big data, they are showing the world that we can do much better and close the gap in the next 20 years - skipping two centuries of inequality. Gapsquare believes in empowerment through easy access to data analysis, it believes in putting the power of data in the hands of the teams who need it, it believes we should be building the fairer workplaces of the future today. 

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