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So you’ve reported your gender pay gap data and the numbers don’t look good - By Catalyst Collective

Posted by Catalyst Collective on 08-Apr-2019 15:51:16



What are the top 3 things that companies need to do right now to have better data next year?

by Catalyst Collective

The gender pay gap is not a quick fix. It requires cultural, systemic and structural change to really shift the dial. But there are practical things you can do right away that will start to make a difference. A great place to get started is through our Gender Pay Gap - What Next? Report here

Create gender inclusive leadership models

Women are not broken and don’t need to be fixed. They are navigating organisational systems which are shaped around masculinised models of leadership. The prevailing unconscious leadership model inside your organisation affects the working lives of men and women and this underpins pay gaps, so start getting curious about this. 

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Think about the leadership traits you and your organisation explicitly values (take a look at your formal leadership frameworks, competence frameworks, talent definitions and recruitment criteria) Consider what traits you and your organisation implicitly values (the traits that lead to promotion and being seen as ‘talent’) - Who’s included and who’s excluded?


Remove baked in bias in your people processes 

Like so much of the what makes up the current workplace, many of the people processes (recruitment, talent, promotion, development and pay processes) in your organisation have evolved from a time when workplace leadership was monocultural (predominantly white, heterosexual and male). As a result they have baked-in bias. This shapes the pay gap. Walk through your key people processes end–to-end to identify baked-in bias, and redesign it out.


Create pay transparency and encourage women to negotiate 

Negotiation is a minefield for women. Women are four times less likely to negotiate than men. And get 30% less when they do. This isn’t about women’s lack of skills  - it’s about unconscious bias.

If negotiation is part of your workplace culture, encourage women to do it. Don’t stigmatise salary discussions. It’s easier for people to have informed salary negotiations if they know what their colleagues are earning. The use of broad pay bands hides pay difference. Track your in-grade pay data by gender - what was your first offer and what did you end up paying.


Curious to go deeper

Grab your free copy of our full Gender Pay Gap – What Next? Guide here. It’s packed full of practical strategies that make a difference.

Inside this Guide you’ll find:

  • Robust intersectional analysis of the causes of the gender pay gap (we think you’ll be surprised)
  • How to use the data you’ve got, to do something to change it
  • An intersectional approach, highlighting the perspectives and lived experiences of diverse women.
  • A 10-step action plan to make an actual difference to the pay gap. What wastes your time and money, and what really shifts the dial. We cover everything from networking, benevolent sexism, presenteeism, flexible working, baked-in bias, women’s development programmes and your prevailing leadership model


We’ve condensed the research (it was meaty!) summarised the drivers AND we’ve created a practical action plan (packed with tried and tested strategies that make a difference).

“The best and most accessible analysis of the causes of the gender pay gap that I’ve read – accompanied with wise and achievable steps to close it. Get hold of a copy of this report now!” CEO Regulatory Agency

 Read The Report



About Gapsquare and Catalyst Collective

Gapsquare regularly invites key figures, voices and representatives to share their perspectives on closing the gender pay gap and embedding fair pay and equal pay policies into employment practices. We recently partnered with Catalyst Collective to further this aim. Where Gapsquare develops intelligent analytics software to help you make effective  decisions around fair pay, gender and ethnicity pay, Katy Murray and Fiona Smith founded Catalyst Collective to equip leaders who are serious about creating more inclusive organisations with action plans beyond analysis. 

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