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How to Support BAME Employees: Some Useful Resources

Posted by Gapsquare on 04-Jun-2020 14:42:50

Now is a time to learn. We understand our responsibility to try to build a world which is fair and safe for everyone to live in.

Though, rightly, it is not the focal point of the conversation at the moment, we believe that supporting BAME employees and nurturing inclusive workplaces is paramount to sustainable equity and change. Rethinking structures and promoting diversity at work is one way to take action.

We've gathered some useful resources about how to support BAME employees, how to be an ally, and the actions to take to build a fairer world of work. 

We believe that economic parity is important, too. If you have any questions about paying People of Colour in your organisation fairly, or using ethnicity pay gaps as a metric for workplace equality, then please get in touch below.

We hope that these resources help in a small way, and we pledge to continue supporting companies to be fair and ethical employers, well into the future.

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  • Race in the Workplace: The McGregor-Smith Review
    This comprehensive study looks at stats from the UK, ways in which to measure change, and recommendations to improve culture and workplace processes. It also includes useful case studies from organisations with effective diversity and inclusion strategies and schemes.
    If you can only look at one resource, we recommend this one.
  •  Racial Diversity: There's More work to be Done in the Workplace, The Economist
    This article covers common barriers to workplace ethnic diversity, including employee referrals, unconscious bias and issues with company culture. 
  • Race and the Workplace: 7 Steps to Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace for All Employees, Sage People
    From establishing trust with employees to pay transparency, this article gives some tangible actions to improve diversity.
  • Improving Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace, People Scout
    This article comes equipped with a glossary of key terms and tips on communicating new diversity initiatives.
BME workplaces - recommendations

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about supporting people of colour in your organisation, and paying them fairly, then please get in touch.

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