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What do Women (in the Construction Industry) Want? Hint. It's not a gym membership

Posted by Hazel Lush on 27-Nov-2017 16:20:13

Opportunities for flexible working, promotions to managerial positions and access to mentors are the key to recruiting and keeping female employees in the construction industry according to Gapsquare's recent research.

Building: A Better Workforce, a new report based on research conducted by Gapsquare, Women in Property SW and Rosemont Partnership has uncovered some key actions for mending the leaky pipeline of female workers in the construction industry. As a growing industry, expected to increase its female workforce to a quarter of the workforce as a whole, it is time to develop how we approach the recruitment and retention of female talent. This report gains insights into the experiences and needs of employees in the construction industry and shows us that, as Rachel Bell Chairman of Women in Property South West noted "the industry needs to do more to encourage women to make it their career choice".

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