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How your Law Firm can lead on Fair Pay in the workplace

Posted by Zara Nanu on 16-Sep-2019 16:52:52



Research shows that legal client's wider international workforce, customers, investors and stakeholders are highly engaged in the diversity, inclusion and pay equity agenda as ever growing legislation is enacted around the globe.

Law firms are increasingly needing to provide an all-encompassing, all-services offering to compete in the legal sector.

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Posted by Sian Webb on 20-Jul-2017 11:45:00

At Gapsquare, we use technology to find out and explain what causes your gender pay gap. There is never one clear cut reaso03n about why a company has a gender pay gap, and is usually caused by several factors, which can essentially be categorised into five causes.

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 If you have any queries or need assistance with reporting your gender pay gap, do not hesitate to contact    Gapsquare

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Posted by Sian Webb on 13-Jun-2017 11:40:00

Gapsquare’s Dr Zara Nanu joined teams of academics, industry experts, government representatives and policy makers at this year’s annual STEM Gender Equality Congress on the 8th and the 9th June where she spoke on Sharing Best Practice Between Industry and Academia. 

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DOES BIAS IN TECH RUN DEEP? Gender pay gap in tech and science sectors

Posted by Hazel Lush on 24-Apr-2017 11:33:00

According to Lylan Masterman, Principal at White Star Capital  bias runs deep for women in tech. Are we tackling the challenges that face women by asking them to hide their identity or does expressing it outwardly work out more beneficial for women?
“the women who are working in technology today know how to triumph over adversity. This is a group that has suffered significant bias in our society — studying computer science or engineering in college, going out into the male-dominated environment of the modern tech world and succeeding despite those biases. And then, many have gone on to start companies in the tech industry despite the well-known challenges there.”

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The Digital Age – A Natural Partner TO DIVERSITY AND EQUALITY

Posted by Zara Nanu on 24-Apr-2017 11:32:00


“Technical skills have always been in demand, but Boards need to create a culture, an ecosystem, around digital and digital thinking and this means increasing their functional diversity. If organisations are not disrupting their industries through digital innovation then they will be disrupted – so Boards need to keep pace to survive.” 

These are the words of Harvey Nash,  in “Diversifying Diversity – the next Board frontier”, who also mentions that those with digital expertise, capable of getting ahead of the game on digital technology, are yet to be effectively included in boards as technology “does not have the history and framework of qualification and knowledge of, say, finance that has been bedded into Boards for centuries”. 

At Gapsquare, a tech-based data-analysis company that is working to end the gender pay gap, this is interesting for two reasons:

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