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Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting - 5 Things You Need To Know Ahead of the Regulations

Posted by Hazel Lush on Jan 21, 2019 1:54:49 PM
It's 2019 and companies are moving toward their third year of gender pay gap reporting and whilst reporting the pay gap has not been without its problems, the world has already changed a great deal since the UK regulations commenced. There have been great changes in how we understand, talk about and engage with gender equality. The pay gap is increasingly talked about in the boardroom and bringing up the gap is not met with confusion these days as often as it is with a determination to do much more. Recently the UK gov released its actions to close the gender pay gap, and Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor shared an action plan around the gender pay gap but something else came with these changes - the conversation began to turn to ethnicity pay.
It's often said that change for one social group can lead to breaking down barriers for another, a campaign on an issue can fail to look outside itself, but it inherently opens doors and possibilities beyond its immediate realm - and this seems to be the case with looking at ethnicity pay reporting. Sadiq Khan recently stated  “The colour of your skin should have no bearing on what you can achieve... this data clearly shows there is more work to be done... understanding the scale of this inequality is the first step in tackling it. At Gapsquare, we've consistently worked to be at the forefront of this conversation, most recently through the webinar 'Planning for the Future' which covered ethnicity pay reporting techniques extensively.  

We've now gone way beyond this and, through the incredible experience of Patrick Alleyne, who led on ethnicity pay reporting for the Greater London Authority under Sadiq Khan, we have explored some of the key issues facing the ethnicity pay reporting regime. If you represent a company that is driven to open up the ethnicity pay reporting conversation - please do download the report below or take a look at our brief summary of the report before and get in touch if you'd like to talk about how we can help with developing and processing your data around this.  
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5 Things You Need To Know

Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting - Don't Be Afraid, But Don't Underestimate The Task
The great thing about gender pay gap reporting was that it required A) data most companies have about their employees and B) a single comparison between binary factors (Male, Female) but things aren't so simple with ethnicity pay reporting: 'many organisations either have not collected or have low levels of data on the ethnicity of employees' argues the report, so now is the time to start recording this data, and the report suggests some useful ways to get started.  The report also argues that 'it would be highly inadequate to limit ethnicity pay gap reporting to a binary option, i.e. BAME earnings as a percentage of White earnings'. Read more to find out why.
Don't Just Do Data, Take Action
At Gapsquare we are strong advocates of communicating well when it comes to publishing equalities data and ethnicity pay reporting will be no different.
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