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My job? I'm a time traveller (obviously)

Posted by Sian Webb on 05-Feb-2018 16:32:44

The Gender Pay Gap:  My inspiration to close it and why Gapsquare is the company to get it done

Tomorrow, I’m spending my lunch break in my office with thirty 11-year olds. Not because we are diversifying our employment practices, but because they want to ask me an important question – What is it like working for Gapsquare? 

I’ve given it some thought, it’s a big question, but it sends me back to 2016 when my niece was born – suddenly, there was this innocent baby girl who had been born into a world where she will, statistically, earn less than if she had been born a boy. I knew that, for me with my work history so far in tackling inequality and driving forward change to pave a better world for all, my motivation had taken a tangible, gurgling human form.

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The Big Apple & F Lane Accelerator, Berlin: Another great leap forward at Gapsquare

Posted by Hazel Lush on 07-Oct-2017 18:39:35

Heading to Vodafone's F Lane Accelerator programme. Thoughts from Gapsquare's Partnership's Manager, Sian Webb


Just as the Gapsquare Team jet off to the Big Apple to New York to pitch to The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Solve programme, we also found out that we have been chosen for the prestigious Berlin-based F Lane Acceleration programme,designed for 5 high-potential digital impact ventures focusing on female empowerment.


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