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Why Hiring Senior Women Will Not Close The Gender Pay Gap

Posted by Michelle Gyimah on 15-Jan-2019 10:14:00

Gender pay gap reporting has come a long way since its inception as a voluntary measure buried in the Equality Act 2010. Today it is big news as employers with 250+ employees must publicly report their figure.

Gapsquare provide an amazing service to not only make this easy for employers to do but also make their data collection much more meaningful. This is why Equality Pays works closely with Gapsquare to ensure that employers are able to measure their pay gaps with accuracy and interpret the data easily.

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I'm Michelle Gyimah, Director at Equality Pays a gender pay gap consultancy and I've been busy reviewing a number of gender pay gap reports. A large proportion of firms have stated that simply hiring more women at senior level is their plan to close their pay gap. With no more detail on why or how.

However this approach is not sustainable or effective for three reasons:

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Reporting the Pay Gap: Six Simple Steps to Compliance

Posted by Hazel Lush on 14-Feb-2018 10:27:11

As we move towards gender pay gap reporting deadlines, there are still over 6,000 employers peaking over the precipice of the pay gap, yet to report and still struggling with how to tackle pay gap information – what can we learn from the story so far?

Currently in the midst of pay gap drama are organisations like the BBC, who, having gone beyond the regulations, revealed controversial data that it went on to neither immediately tackle or explain well to its teams or the media. Also in the news are EasyJet who discovered that lack of female pilots and unequal distribution of the genders across the pay quartiles make for a 51.7% pay pay gap. In the last few days we’ve also heard that Wellcome Trust have a pay gap of 30%. The gender pay gap regulations are leaving no stone unturned, no industry, sector or company is immune to the revelations of the pay gap data - but there is no need to panic ahead of the deadlines. We've outlined 6 steps to help you when reporting the gap that you can tackle as the deadline approaches.

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Telling the Story of Your Gender Pay Gap and Bonus Pay Gap

Posted by Hazel Lush on 30-Oct-2017 15:25:23

In the wake of the BBC and Financial Times’ publication of pay data, companies are approaching gender pay reporting requirements with trepidation. The worry is that the reasons behind pay gap data will be lost once statistics are revealed. But it doesn’t need to be that way. As the team at Gapsquare - experts in analysing the gender pay gap - argue, publishing data can be an opportunity to foster deeper understanding among your teams around the pay gap and an opportunity to show how your business moves forward on equality issues. In short, publicising pay gap data can be an exercise in showing how your company responds to greater understanding of its structure.


Need support? Why not watch Gapsquare's free webinar on communicating the gender pay gap:

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It is interesting to note that bonus pay gaps are particularly stark, TSB Bank, Virgin Money and Fujitsu Services are all hovering around a 50% pay gap in bonus pay. These companies benefit hugely from a clear narrative around their data. An example can be drawn from Virgin Money, whose response to the data was to set out the causes of the pay gap and outline their mission going forward

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