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This Tool Will Do Your Gender Pay Reporting 2019 For You

Posted by Hazel Lush on 06-Feb-2019 16:57:42

We’ve all heard the bad press, the context of the BBC Pay Gap scandal, reports of companies publishing incorrect pay gap data and increasing dramas around pay disparities. But we’re here to tell you that a glimmer of hope has emerged - Tech-start-up Gapsquare is providing international corporations and public sector bodies with instant pay gap reports that are correct, reliable and provide intuitive action plans. Using cloud-based analytical tools, Gapsquare, run by a combination of tech experts and specialists in equality issues, has saved companies thousands of hours of staff time in the last year alone, guiding international organisations such as Vodafone, London Metropolitan Police and Osborne Clarke through reporting pay inequalities and, for some, expanding this reporting to the ethnicity pay gap.

The company’s founder Zara Nanu, can be seen revolutionising how we approach FairPayTM in the workplace in her recent Ted Talk and has been featured in the Guardian recently in an article entitled Can software bring women's pay up to men's?. Through sharing her experience of the inherent simplicity of using data to engage with improving gender pay, ethnicity, and pay equality statistics and the pay-off of doing so, Zara has become an influencer on the global stage. Not content to be a passive observer of inequalities across industries – she focused her energy on turning tech toward understanding diversity, partnering with AI and machine-learning expert Ion Suruceanu, and moving us all closer to the tipping point in engineering fairer and more effective workplaces.

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“We’ve intentionally created a tool that’s so simple that anyone can do extensive and expansive pay equality analysis, we want Human Resources teams to feel they can answer the diversity and equality questions that emerge from pay gap reporting as well as producing impressive reports.Our tool can tell you instantly where the biggest source of your gender pay gap is, whether recruiting more women in the upper quartiles will help or whether you need a long term retention plan.


You can also finalise ethnicity pay gap reporting in minutes and engage with themes other companies are just now starting to investigate, putting you way ahead of the curve. We have created a one-stop-shop for any company that envisions a workplace that truly makes the most of its talent, and we’re incredibly proud of the work that our clients are already doing to achieve FairPayTM.”

Gapsquare CEO Zara Nanu

Aside from generating incredible reports around gender pay reporting, allowing companies to meet the gender pay gap reporting deadline 2019 with a comprehensive ethnicity pay report in tow, Gapsquare believes in generating dialogue around these themes, holding free events and providing resources for its clients to allow them to take that step forward. Gapsquare clients represent some of the most engaged and proactive employers in the world, and catching the motivation and momentum for creating change, aiming to see pay inequality end in the next 20 years, is Gapsquare’s raison d'être - so if you’re aligned with this mission, get in touch.

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